Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Not To Read - when you are expecting (and what TO Read)...

Here is another fabulous post from Wonderfully Made - she blogs about some of the popular Pregnancy and Birth books and tells why she might not recommend them and what books she would recommend instead.



Some of my favorite books include-
Your Best Birth by: Ricki Lake.
I spoke with her writing team several times and gave some of the insights I have learned about birth in our modern times...

Gentle Birth Choices by: Barbara Harper
This book gives a different perspective to birth than what is often out there in our society. It gives a sense that Birth is NORMAL and that you can do it!

my favorite book on Breastfeeding is -
So That's What They're For! by: Janet Tamaro
A humorous realistic guide on Breastfeeding information

Thursday, April 8, 2010

YouTube - The Big Push for Midwives Campaign 2009

YouTube - The Big Push for Midwives Campaign 2009

Social Media and Birth Change...

Another good article/post on how social media; possitive birth films on Face Book, etc... may be what it takes to effect change in our birth culture.


Along with being a good blog post, she posted a great video of a mother being supported in labor -by doulas. (and I personally feel some of these images depict midwivery care as well).

You tube does it again with promoting a video that compares Mass Media Childbirth vs. the Real Thing!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letting Go...

So, This past year I sent my first baby off to college many miles and many states away... The same year my 'baby' started pre-school. It's hard moving on to new stages of life sometimes. It's difficult to know what is ahead, and hard to look back at what you are leaving behind you.

This birth story is really amazing and speaks to this 'letting go' concept.


Take courage! You can do it. you will be able to handle the challenges ahead, so go on, Let Go!