Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blessings for Birth

Something that has become a new thing to do for a pregnant woman is to hold a 'Blessingway' in place of a baby shower. Traditionally a "Blessingway" was a Navajo Ritual Ceremony that as very special. Today it is more often than not an extension of a baby shower, or is just a baby shower by another name, without giving thought to the actual Special/Spiritual Ceremony that it was meant to be.

In another blog she wrote about "Blessingway's" and about special blessings that were given by and to LDS women in the earlier years of the Church History.

In her Blog Rixa tells a bit of how it was sort of done away with in the mid 1900's. I wonder if some of this wasn't in part because Birth in general was being taken out of Women's hands, and lives, and was increasingly moved into the Hospital setting, where women were shut away for birth, adn taken away from their Sisters, and society... as such the Blessing of Women By other Women became a thing of the past as well.
Just my thoughts...

Birth Is Best...

This was posted by fellow doula. It is a beautiful message about some of the things we can do to make Birth be the Best it can possibly be!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trust in birth...

Someone passed on this link to a lovely birth story. It is very powerful. I just had to pass it along as well.

I often want to stand and shout it from the roof tops, "THIS is how birth can be! How birth SHOULD be!"

Trust in birth! Trust that God made a beautiful design, and we are designed to give birth, to bring forth these sweet innocent, wonderful little souls, straight from God's Presence! What an honor! And what and Honor it is for me to be able to assist, and witness this Miracle!