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Lamaze Videos - Everyday Miracles (3 of 2)

Lamaze Videos - Everyday Miracles (3 of 2)


Here is the link to the FDA with the actual warnings, drug labels, and the contact information to report serious adverse effects!

I have a friend who had a horrible experience. She was trying for a VBA2C, was coerced/'forced' into an induction, and I firmly believe it was cytotec that she was given. She had a terrible uterine rupture (not on the previous scar - but on the back side, of her uterus, in a starburst formation), the husband watched while both mother and child were in critical condition! His thoughts? He blamed the VBAC attempt. My thoughts? an induced labor on a scarred uterus, not to mention I really believe from the history she gave me, she was induced with cytotec . I have felt bad about this birth for nearly 8 years now... I know it had nothing to do with my encouragement for her to go for the VBA2C she dearly wanted, but the induction she was forced to undergo. Subsequently she has had no more children.

I wish I could contact her and have her get her medical history and report her Uterine Rupture to the FDA! How many women are out there, who have had this and don't realize they should report it?!?!?!

Learn the facts, and don't have a cyctotec induction.

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