Friday, August 21, 2009

From a dad's point of view...

The above link is to a fabulous post (the language is a bit colorful occasionally), about the raw honesty of birth. It is touching and amazing! Dad is a writer and does a fabulous job of retelling the story. It is a vbac as well. Well done warrior mama!!! Just beautiful!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~~A Word of Thanks~~

'Love... it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things... if I do not have love I gain nothing.'

~1 Cor 13:1-7

Sometimes I am just amazed at people... I work with mom's, and families all the time. It is often hard, physically as well as emotionally. I absolutely LOVE to see that sweet new baby being brought forth, and to watch as a 'Family' is born. I love to see proud papa's, just over the moon about their new babies, and fall in Love with their sweet wives, all over again, and appreciate them for the hard work they did to bring forth their child. I love to see mom's as they grow in confidence and look in wonder at their personal little miracle!

Sometimes I have worked with friends. That has been a sweet moment, to know that I was able to share such a special part of their lives. I treasure those moments. They are like special gifts.

Others, I meet, I work with and when everything is through they pretty much go on about their lives, and I often wonder how they've been, how the baby is growing, and what they are doing. It was a working relationship, and when the work is through, so are we for the most part.

And still others, start out as working relationships, and they grow into something more. We become friends... I treasure those friendships, even if we sometimes joke around that they 'paid' me for my friendship... of course they got a pretty good deal on the value of their dollar I'd say! ;-)

When I help a mom and they tell me they couldn't have done it without me, I try to encourage them and help them to realize that THEY are the one who is strong! THEY are the one that did all the work! I thank them, for allowing me to be a part of something so incredible! (If anything I feel a bit guilty when I come home from a birth exhausted - physically, and get to crawl into bed and sleep or rest to restore my energy, when I am NOT the one who WORKED so hard!!! I am NOT the one who was having contractions for hours! I am NOT the one who is coming down from the adrenaline rush after the birth, and have a baby, albeit a sweet little bundle of love straight from heaven, but a baby to nourish and to take care of! However, it is so sweet when a mom (and or dad), just really feel like I was a great comfort to them, and did help them to remember what to do, how to breathe, and remind them to get up and move around.

Today, I went to visit a sweet mom and her little baby. They are just the sweetest, fun couple. I really enjoyed getting to know them! (and she has the funnest southern accent and expressions, I love to talk with her!). Things did not go exactly the way she had hoped and planned, but we worked very hard. She worked very hard and had a lovely birth, and a darling, adorable baby! She has since, had quite a rough time, with some feeding issues, but she is persevering! She is determined, and things are beginning to get better. It has been a lot of work, a lot of patience, a lot of phone calls, consultations, and tears on her part. When I went to see her, she had somehow, taken the time to get a thank you present for me... I couldn't believe it!

How thoughtful, and kind. She told me she really thought about what to write in the card she gave me. She wrote the scripture, above, and then, a very sweet message that I will treasure. A special kind of gift...
So, THANK YOU, dear friends for the gift of being able to witness such miracles!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maternity Care Beware: Consumer Reports Quiz on Maternity Care

Take the quiz: (linked below)

Then read the report:

Consumer Reports
Source: “Evidence-Based Maternity Care: What It Is and What It Can Achieve,” a detailed review of clinical evidence by Carol Sakala and Maureen P. Corry published by the Childbirth Connection, the Reforming States Group, and the Milbank Memorial Fund, October 2008.