Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth... Free E Book!!!

Sheri L. Menelli wrote a wonderful book full of possitive birth stories. I bought the book several years ago and loved it. I have loaned this book out to my doula clients, and other friends who are interested in having positive birth stories of their own.

Journey Into Motherhood
Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth
By: Sheri L. Menelli

Sheri is offereing her book for free - as an e book! Please click on the link below and read for yourself the wonderful stories she has collected from so many women.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why the fear of Post Dates?! and What is with all the inductions?

I have had so many mom's pressured into induction for one reason or another, when often it is simply because the magical date circled in red on the calendar has come and gone (or worse! Getting close!!!).

I have read many articles, but this gal Emily has done a great job of writing an article that puts things so nice and concisely, and links to the actual articles and quotes, so... Please, check out her link and take the information to heart...


Another one a friend sent me also has good info on Due Dates: